Saturday, September 15, 2012

Infographic: National Study on Pacific Islander eligibility for underrepresented minority scholarships and fellowships

(Click infographic to view larger image)

Here's another infographic illustrating the findings of our national study on whether underrepresented minority scholarships and fellowships recognize the fact that Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders are underrepresented.  While recognition of Pacific Islander underrepresentation has increased since the last study, most of these programs still don't include Pacific Islanders in their definition of "underrepresented minority."

We've started reaching out to these scholarships and fellowships, and hope that after looking at the facts (like 20-plus years of Census data demonstrating Pacific Islander underrepresentation among college graduates), the 56 percent that exclude Pacific Islanders will choose to include us instead.


(Are you from an academic program for underrepresented minorities?  Thank you for visiting! We've set up a special Q and A section written specifically for you.  Click here to see it: LINK)

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