Monday, July 04, 2011

Are Pacific Islanders Underrepresented in Higher Education?

Q. Are Pacific Islanders really Underrepresented in Higher Education?

A. Yes. In fact, Census data indicates that compared to the general U.S. population, Pacific Islanders are about half as likely to graduate with a bachelors degree. Pacific Islanders are even less represented at the advanced degree level.

Over 28 percent of graduation-age (25-or-older) have at least a 4-year-degree. By comparison, only 14 percent of single-race Pacific Islander Americans have a 4-year-degree. For advanced degrees, the national graduation rate is 10 percent, while the Pacific Islander graduation rate is only 4 percent. 

(This is according to data published in May, 2011. Because these numbers continually change, we'll update this section at least once a year. Here's a link to the data we're currently using: LINK)

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