Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pacific Islander Underrepresentation in Higher Ed

Pacific Islanders are significantly underrepresented in U.S. higher education. Recent Census data indicates that Pacific Islanders are roughly half as likely than the average American to receive a bachelor's degree. They are over 60 percent less likely to earn an advanced degree. 

(This is based on U.S. Census data released in 2011.  As information changes, we will provide periodic updates.  For over 20-years of Census data showing Pacific Islander underrepresentation, click here: LINK)

Pacific Islanders are not the only minority group that is underrepresented in higher education. African Americans, Hispanics, and American Indians and Alaska Natives are less likely than the average American to attain a college degree. The education gap between underrepresented minorities and the rest of America is a pressing problem that deserves attention. People are working to help underrepresented minorities, but many are leaving Pacific Islanders behind.

But unlike these other underrepresented minority groups, Pacific Islanders are exlcuded from many academic programs for underrepresented minorities. To learn more about how some underrepresented minority (URM) academic programs are leaving Pacific Islanders behind, click here.

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